What do you really want? Part One

What do you really want? Part One

     For the last several years, since our retirement from public education, we have owned a camper.  Actually, we bought one, had it for a couple of years, sold it and bought a smaller one.  We thought we were going to do what people do when they retire, buy a big camper and travel the country, but that idea didn’t last long.  That’s not really what we wanted to do.  We have grand-babies now to watch, take care of, play with, and spoil and we couldn’t do that if we were gone all the time.  Besides that, we’re kind of homebodies.  Buying that first camper was kind of like me going through a buffet line.  My eyes are bigger than my stomach.  In the case of the camper, it was bigger than our needs.  We should have allowed humility to play a larger part in our decision instead of what we thought we were supposed to do because it is what other retirees often do.

     There are certain things I have a lot of energy for and certain things I am lazy about.  Packing a camper, taking care of it, hooking it up, towing it to where we are headed, unhooking, setting up, and all the things associated with owning and using a camper I am lazy about.  We always seemed to end up taking it to the same place anyway, because that’s where we liked to go.  It’s relatively close so we can go for a few days and come back home, and it has the things we enjoy.  The problem became……see previous sentence about my laziness and the work a camper takes.  So we recently sold it and bought a stationary cabin/mobile home at a campground within five minutes of where we always go camp.  It is now called our “trout house” because I always trout fish when we’re there.  It took a few years, but we finally figured out what it was we really wanted out of retirement, and out of life.  

     We started by doing what we thought we were supposed to do instead of what we wanted to do.  We got too complicated.  All we wanted was to go to a place we liked to go to.  Isn’t that so often the case?  We get caught up in more and more.  More planning, more arranging, more scheduling, more thinking, more doing what we think we are supposed to do, and we lose sight of what we like and what is right.  Honestly, that has happened quite often to me over the years.  At work, with the kids, with my spouse, etc.  Why didn’t I just do what fits, what’s right, and what we enjoy?  Why didn’t I focus more on enjoying the time spent and less on outcomes and what I thought others thought I should do?  In my next entry , I’ll tell you what we ended up doing!         -Part Two-

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Co-owner Mike Ringen has 34 years of experience in education as a teacher, building administrator, district superintendent, and college instructor/supervisor. His expertise is in administration with an emphasis in leadership, finance, governance, policy, and problem-solving. Mike also sits on the Camp Wilderness Association board where he puts his training to good use.

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