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Results-based training, facilitation, and planning personalized to your individual or organizational needs.

Whether you are an individual seeking a board position or a nonprofit facing a sticky problem, our training, facilitation, and other services help people understand each other, become their best, grow in leadership, and accomplish goals.


Many times, nonprofits and schools can help their board members provide greater leadership and bigger impact simply by offering training. We offer expert training one-on-one, in small groups, or for large groups at conferences. Our current topics are featured in our new catalog.

Strategic Planning, Meeting Facilitation, and Problem-Solving

We facilitate and mediate to help your group tackle difficult problems, work through communication issues, and plan for the long-term success of your organization.

Compliance Reviews

Key Solutions serves as an independent third-party to ensure employee compliance at your school or schools and complete oversight reports.

Team Building

Set your team up for success when the moment counts by getting them into novel situations and challenging them to solve problems creatively together.

Prepare for Board Leadership

If you’re an individual seeking to contribute more to your community by serving on a nonprofit board, we can help you build your resume and application materials.

Let’s Talk About How Key Solutions Can Help You

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