New Catalog of Services Available

New Catalog of Services Available

Our new catalog is now available in Flipbook format.

If you prefer plain text, here it is!

Our half-day and full-day training sessions described below are live, in-person, interactive, customized, and memorable.  Our participants learn, and they really participate! They can immediately put the new ideas and techniques into action in their workplace. Participants enjoy the training, saying that they wish all their professional development could be this much fun, this practical, and still take away the information they need to be better people and better employees!

  1. Top Ten Leadership Tips

Everyone is a leader in some way. Learn your strengths as a leader and practice techniques to bring out the leader in you. This training experience includes activities and take-away skills to make the points memorable.

2.  C.R.I.S.P Leadership

Find out how to keep your leadership fresh! This session energizes leaders and those who want to become leaders. Although we don’t serve any crispy food, there will be plenty of light-hearted activities that teach solid skills represented in each of the letters in the acronym.

  1. Maximizing Meetings

Are your meetings productive?  If you would like for your meetings to be better, then this session is for you.  This training covers ways to reduce the length of meetings, techniques to keep the group on target, and ways to finish up with action steps that will be completed instead of a table full of papers.  This training includes a mock meeting where you can practice the new techniques.

  1. Maximizing Your Minutes

There isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, but you will learn techniques that will allow you to get the most important things done as you squeeze more time out of each minute. Improve productivity and reduce stress using these methods. The training includes some beat-the-clock activities that are fun and memorable for your team.

  1. The Team that Plays Together Stays Together – Workplace Retention through Team Building

Do you dread going to work each day? Are there more complaints than donuts in the breakroom? Infuse some fun in your day and keep your happy and productive workers on the job.  More people leave their jobs because of the work environment then because of pay.  Participants will practice safe and easy team building activities that they can use in their own workplaces. Learn techniques to meet the needs of workers of different types so that everyone can be at their maximum productivity.

  1. Creative Customer Service

Everyone is a “customer” in some way.  Maybe internal, maybe external.  Sometimes the customer just isn’t right, but we all still need to find creative ways to solve their problems and turn them into return customers, clients, and even happier employees anyway.  This training is designed for all employees, even the ones who don’t see themselves as customer service workers.  Through demonstrations, activities, and challenges, participants will learn new techniques to help even the fussiest customers while minimizing their own frustration.

  1. Problems, Puzzles, and Productivity

We all want to improve our productivity.  Your business encounters challenging problems each day that impact productivity. The solutions are not always going to be found online or in the handbook.  You will learn creative problem-solving techniques that can open your eyes to previously invisible solutions. Enjoy learning new techniques that you can apply immediately in your own workplace.

  1. The “I Can” Attitude and How to Catch It

If each of the members of an organization or workers in a business approached their work with a positive attitude, how do you think that would impact the bottom line? Learn techniques to cultivate a positive workplace culture that values teamwork and continuous learning and improvement. We use Growth Mindset research and engaging activities that you can take with you for continuing improvement after the training.

  1. PDF – Procrastination, Deadlines, and Finishing

Are deadlines the only things that really motivate you? Practice some techniques that will help you identify your real goals and develop achievable strategies with frequent check-points that will get those projects FINISHED. Learn ways you can help others overcome procrastination using these methods.

  1. Do You Have A Plan?

Whether it is a 5-year full Strategic Plan for your organization, a daily, individual plan to boost productivity and efficiency, or something in-between, we have something in this session that will meet your needs.  Techniques will be provided, along with simple, specific steps that will help you define your goals, your objectives, and your action steps for how to get there.

  1.   There are No “Impossible” Problems

Impossible situations are really only problems for which we have no immediate solution.  But be guaranteed there is one out there somewhere and someone will find it. It may as well be you.  Problem-solving takes practice, motivation, and a willingness to grow and compromise.

  1. Which Key Fits….How to help different personalities work together effectively.

We’ll start by walking you through an “unscientific” personality profile that will help you to identify how you and your employees look at solving problems.  We take you a step further than most, however, by focusing on others, not yourself.  Understand how and why people do and say and act the way they do to better understand their perspective on things.  Learn what other individual’s strengths are and how best to utilize those strengths.

If you would like to view a video from a previous training, find us on YouTube.
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Email or call 816-517-1772 for a quote for training, meeting facilitation, board development, strategic planning, or third-party compliance reporting.  If you are interested in a training topic not on the list, please contact us with your request.  We will do our best to accommodate you.  We look forward to working with you!  – Julie Brunner and Mike Ringen, Key Solutions

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