How To Resign From Your Board

How To Resign From Your Board

As a member of a board or commission, there may come a time when you need to resign from said organization. There are countless reasons that factor into your decision and one thing you want to do is ensure that you resign in the proper way. Many people have little experience in writing a resignation letter regarding their volunteer service. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you sit down to type up your resignation letter.

Be professional

It is always important to be as professional as possible when you are crafting your resignation letter. If you find yourself resigning due to a conflict within the organization or a disagreement with the overall direction, this is not the time to burn bridges on your way out of the door. Going above and beyond with your professionalism leaves a lasting impression with everyone involved and keeps the door open for future endeavors with the organization down the road.

Offer an explanation

This goes along with being professional. You want to give the organization a reason why you are stepping down but you want to keep the explanation brief. This is not a time to air every grievance you have had with the organization and the people involved with it. It is akin to the adage “kill them with kindness.”

Set a specific date

Do not be vague when it comes to the timetable for your resignation. The clearer you are about the date the sooner you and the organization can move forward.  This also gives them time to work on a succession plan to fill the vacancy.

Give thanks

Make sure to take a moment in the letter to thank them for the opportunity to serve. There was a specific reason you decided to volunteer and devote your time to the organization. Remember that when you craft the letter.


We are here to be your resource when situations like this arise. Click here to download a template to make sure your resignation letter is properly formatted.


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Meta: When you volunteer to serve on a board or a commission there may come a time where you need resign from said position. If that happens you want to make sure you are prepared to properly resign. Here are tips to keep in mind when you are writing your letter of resignation.

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