What kind of person are you?

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In our trainings, we often do a short, very unscientific self-assessment with the group we are working with to get everyone thinking a little about personalities.  We make sure upfront that everyone understands that we are not psychologists and that our little activity is in no way an to attempt psycho-analyze anyone.  It’s just fun and it gets people [...]

There’s more than one way to get there

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Several years ago when I was a relatively new administrator, I went to work putting together a team that would move us forward in our organization.  “Moving us forward” is a pretty vague objective that we like to use, but that’s really about all I knew at the time. Actually, we were looking at developing learning communities, but we weren’t really sure yet [...]

You have to carry a crown first

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Be Still…….And Listen.  I may not be saying it in the same tone I might have used with one of our children when they were young and I was trying to impart some of my wisdom on them, and they felt the need to explain how they knew better.  But maybe the intent is the same.  Just be calm [...]

Learn leadership from the right people

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I know a lady that has some of the best leadership qualities of anyone I’ve ever met, and she absolutely does not want to be a leader.  And doesn’t think she ever has been.  But she’s one of the best leaders I know, she’s just not measured in the same way one might think. We read books, [...]