Can You Tape Over Your Less-Important Buttons?

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     Maybe you’ve seen this.  There was picture on Facebook the other day of a TV remote that had all the buttons covered with masking tape except the power button, the channel up and down, and the volume up and down buttons, and a caption that said, “Grandma’s remote."  I’m a Grandpa, but I think it will [...]

Flying Fast and Missing Moments

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     My wife and I like to take our coffee and sit out on the porch early in the morning.  It doesn’t happen as often as we would like because even though we are mostly retired, there seems to be something that fills most days.  So before we’re really ready to do so, it’s time to [...]

What People Are Saying About Key Solutions

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Reviews - What people say about us: Mike & Julie are a dynamic duo! Their professionalism, energy, knowledge and ability to adapt to any situation makes them an ideal training partner for The LearningForce. -Rochelle Hockett, Assistant Director, The LearningForce, State Fair Community College Mike and Julie spent an afternoon working with the administrative team [...]

Decisions, Decisions

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      As I looked over the menu one morning at a local restaurant and started thinking out loud about what I was going to order, I mentioned that I thought I would have sausage with my eggs instead of bacon.  My friend said, “I thought you liked bacon.”  When discussing a recent basketball game, I said that I [...]

Perception, Problem-Solving, and Frogs

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      Those of you that grew up in a small town may be able to relate to this experience.  I bet all of you country kids did this at one time or another.  The rest of you need to understand that we sometimes had our own ways of passing time and making fun for ourselves.  Sometimes [...]

How do you deal with your brick wall?

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I'm just finishing reading a book that many of you have probably already read, as it is now several years old.  I avoided reading it when it first came out because I was afraid that it might make me think about things I didn't want to think about.  You see, my mom passed away many [...]

Don’t get too big for your britches

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A good friend of mine, Jim, ran a dog-training business.  One of his own dogs had a litter of pups and he right away realized that one of the new puppies seemed to be special.  And he wasn’t wrong. Early on the new little puppy just seemed to have something about her that put her a cut above the [...]

Can a positive culture fix organizational problems?

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Our communication to people both within and outside of our organization was not what it needed to be.  Emails or other communications from various departments often overlapped, were sometimes duplicated, were maybe missing altogether, or finally, may have be contradictory.  We all knew there were issues, but everyone was waiting for somebody else to fix it. So when we reach the point of needing something done, what [...]

Should I hire an outside consultant?

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When I was a new administrator I thought I could handle everything on my own.  Let me rephrase that.  I thought I was supposed to handle everything on my own.  After all, I was the boss.  People looked to me to lead the organization, make the hard decisions, steer the ship, have all the right answers, and know everything about [...]