Positive Communication

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Mike and Julie will be at Trails Regional Library in Warrensburg four times during 2018 and 2019 to provide professional development on the topic of "Positive Communication." positive communication. We are excited about meeting all the people who provide resources for lifelong learning and community connections in Johnson and Lafayette Counties!

New Catalog of Services Available

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Our new catalog is now available in Flipbook format. If you prefer plain text, here it is! Our half-day and full-day training sessions described below are live, in-person, interactive, customized, and memorable.  Our participants learn, and they really participate! They can immediately put the new ideas and techniques into action in their workplace. Participants enjoy the [...]

Can You Tape Over Your Less-Important Buttons?

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     Maybe you’ve seen this.  There was picture on Facebook the other day of a TV remote that had all the buttons covered with masking tape except the power button, the channel up and down, and the volume up and down buttons, and a caption that said, “Grandma’s remote."  I’m a Grandpa, but I think it will [...]

The Trout House – or – What do you really want? Part Two

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     It was one of those days when we could put off all the pressing details of daily life, so we decided at the last minute to take a drive and look for a place that might be for sale.  We drove by the trailer in a familiar campground, located the phone number on the [...]

What do you really want? Part One

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     For the last several years, since our retirement from public education, we have owned a camper.  Actually, we bought one, had it for a couple of years, sold it and bought a smaller one.  We thought we were going to do what people do when they retire, buy a big camper and travel the country, [...]

Simply Seeking Satisfaction

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        At least four days a week most weeks I commit to an early morning exercise routine.  It consists of 15 minutes of stretching, 15 minutes of weights, and 15 minutes of cardio.  On the other days I at least make sure I do some stretches in an attempt to alleviate back problems, and most of the time [...]

Flying Fast and Missing Moments

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     My wife and I like to take our coffee and sit out on the porch early in the morning.  It doesn’t happen as often as we would like because even though we are mostly retired, there seems to be something that fills most days.  So before we’re really ready to do so, it’s time to [...]

What People Are Saying About Key Solutions

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Reviews - What people say about us: Mike & Julie are a dynamic duo! Their professionalism, energy, knowledge and ability to adapt to any situation makes them an ideal training partner for The LearningForce. -Rochelle Hockett, Assistant Director, The LearningForce, State Fair Community College Mike and Julie spent an afternoon working with the administrative team [...]