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We understand that successful organizations only happen because of successful people.  We’re not about helping you find that next big contract or building a new building — we’re about helping people, because when organizations can communicate, work together, solve problems, and become leaders, you will be successful.


Meet Mike


Co-owner Mike Ringen has 34 years of experience in education as a teacher, building administrator, district superintendent, and college instructor/supervisor.  His expertise is in administration with an emphasis in leadership, finance, governance, policy, and problem-solving.  Mike also sits on the Camp Wilderness Association board where he puts his training to good use.


Meet Julie


Co-owner Julie Brunner is a retired teacher and District Technology Administrator with 29 years of experience in educational and nonprofit leadership, and specialized training in Creative Problem-Solving Techniques. She also specializes in developing online training and activities, training for board members of charter schools, strategic planning, and meeting facilitation.