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MCPSA Oct. 13-15 St. Louis

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Here is an innovative way to help students be successful in life. ...

On Wednesday, April 11, Cabool High School hosted their first (of what we hope to be many) Student Professional Development Day. This idea was inspired by the various professional development meetings that teachers attend throughout the year- teachers are given an opportunity to attend educational sessions on topics intended to enhance their career. This Student PD Day followed a similar concept- what if students could attend various sessions on topics that they were interested in, and would teach them life skills that don’t necessarily fit into the everyday curriculum. To meet this need, thirteen community professionals spent Wednesday afternoon on The Hill sharing their knowledge and expertise with students during the following sessions: • Vehicle Preventative Care and Maintenance led by Robbie Mathews, Bailey Chevrolet • Dancing with Mrs. Inman led by Wendy Inman • Help! I’ve Got a Flat Tire led by Adam Howe, Cabool Tires Inc. • Resume Writing & Job Applications and College & Scholarship Application Essay Writing: How to ‘Wow’ the Selection Committee led by Roy Crouch, Missouri State University- West Plains • Coding led by April Fiesler, RCET • Rent vs. Buy led by Stacy Matherly, Southern Missouri United Country Realty • Yoga led by Brittany Walls, YMCA • Roadside Emergencies and What To Do led by Sgt. Jeff Kinder, Highway Patrol • Taxes...and Other Grown Up Forms led by Crystal Dixon, WDT • You Only Get One First Impression led by Brad Miller, R & S Coins • Basic Sewing led by Suzie Berry • What is Credit and How Do I Get It and Basic Banking 101 led by Gayla Linton, Landmark Bank • Basic First Aid led by Scott Tucker In February, students were asked to respond to the following prompt: “If there was a day where you could come to school, but instead of learning typical subjects, you got the chance to learn about things that aren't included in your other classes or things that you are interested in, what would you want to learn about?” Based on these student responses, presenters were contacted about their availability to lead 30-minute sessions. Students were given the opportunity to request 6 sessions they would be interested in attending, and were then scheduled into 4 for the PD afternoon. The goal of Student PD Day was to give students the opportunity to learn things that they need to know as teenagers and adults. Based on student response alone, this afternoon was a success. Up and down the halls, students could be heard sharing their thoughts: “Next year we need a whole day! There were more than 4 sessions that I wanted to attend!” “It was nice to get to learn about things that I will have to do on my own once I graduate in May- like my taxes” “I learned so much that I didn’t know about credit!” Mr. Shockley would like to thank the many community members that gave of their time to come up and make this day a huge success. We are looking forward to making this a yearly learning opportunity here on the hill and involving even more community professionals.

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Job description challenge! ...

Surprise! Today is a special Win It Tuesday! Tell us how you would describe your job without using the words teach or educate here www.msta.org/stories/job-description/ by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, April 24 to win a surprise gift pack for your classroom. Good luck! #giveaway #classroom

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